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“WHO IS HUNG(A)RY? is a family restaurant on wheels. Our love for food and Hungarian cuisine goes back to generations, combined with professional culinary experience. We are a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in handling and operating the entire preparation process from hand selecting all ingredients to serve the savory dishes to our clients.

Historic flavors of Hungary

Based on family secret recipes

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    Gulyás soup


Our kitchen is equipped with HIGH END equipments to can serve warm and high quality "LÁNGOS" for our community. Lángos means “off the flames” that should be served fresh and warm removed from the heat.

Lángos Dough

homemade from scratch


“LÁNGOS” is a deep fried flat dough bread based on an ancient recipe and technology. Culinary historians do have different opinions about its origin, but Hungary it has been and remained the most popular comfort food for more than a thousand years. This very popular finger food is being prepared in households, but mostly enjoyed at all sorts of outdoor events and festivals in Hungary.

Lángos Lángos

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